I am a sought-after consultant for industry partners involved in financial decision-making and political marketing. Prior clients include Digital Crew, Alibaba Group, Sumo Salad, Weber Shandwick, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on multi-million dollar contracts, the latter in conjunction with the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago.

I and my expertise frequently appear in media both within Australia and internationally, such as 2ser Sydney, 666 ABC Canberra, Chief Investment Officer, The Daily Beast, The Independent, Men’s Health, New Scientist, Pacific Standard, Sydney Morning Herald, and Wall Street Journal.

My primary areas of consultation are in understanding the factors that drive your consumers’ behaviours, whether in retail, services, and/or political settings. For example, how can you appeal your company or organization to a broader range of consumers? What advertising or positional methods will be most effective? Is it possible to change consumers’ attitudes and behaviours to be in-line with your organizational messages and goals? As an expert in experimental research methods, I derive results to these and other questions through extensive testing and re-testing to explore the underlying motivations, goals, and needs of your current and potential consumers.

If you are interested in seeking research-based, results-driven approach to understanding the behaviours of your company’s or industry’s consumers, or if you wish to organize workshops or seminars in experimental methods in consumer research, investment behaviour, and/or political marketing, please contact me to discuss your organizational needs.