My research interests are primarily in how consumers make judgments, choices, and decisions within financial, political, health, and sustainability domains. My primary methodological areas of expertise are experimental and survey, and I have an interest in how global, environmental, and macro-level factors affect consumers’ decisions. Several themes of my work have included mindfulness, political orientation, meat consumption, and risky choices.

In financial domains, I study how consumers make choices related to spending, savings, and gambling. My papers in these areas have been published in such journals as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and Evolution and Human Behavior. In political domains, I am interested in how political beliefs influence the choices we make in the marketplace; published papers are in Journal of Consumer Psychology and Personality and Individual Differences. In health and sustainability domains, my work explores the interventions and techniques that doctors and policy makers can adopt to improve both individual and societal well-being. Papers in these areas have appeared in Personality and Individual Differences and Current Issues in Tourism.

I have presented my research at the American Psychological Society, Association for Consumer Research, Association for Psychological Science, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, Society for Consumer Psychology, Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and the Western Economic Association International. I am on the editorial review boards of European Journal of Marketing and Psychology & Marketing, and I regularly serve as a reviewer for  Family Business ReviewInternational Journal of Research in MarketingJournal of Business ResearchJournal of Consumer Research, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology,  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Laterality, and Political Psychology, among other top-tier peer-reviewed journals.

How does mindfulness change how we think, decide, and make choices?

Do our political beliefs and values influence the decisions we make?

How can we get people to make ethical, environmental, healthy, and sustainable choices?

What factors beyond our control shape how we invest and use money?

What determines the food and beverages that we eat and drink?